The association of Constantinopolitan friends of Music was founded in 1984 from members of the "Constantinopolitan Byzantine Choir", which was resident in Athens since 1975.

The purpose of the Association is the continuance of the 50 years of history of the great Union of Friends of Music, which is still active at present in Constantinople, uniting the most prominent and distinguished Psaltes of Constantinople, while leaded by the Archon Protopsaltes and Lambadarios of the Great Church of Christ. It should be noted that the above union is the descendant of the historic Music Association of Phanarion that dated from the 19th century till the Asia Minor annihilation.

The first leader chorist of the Association was the dear departed Georgios Tsaousis, apprentice of the also dearly departed Archon Protopsaltes of the Archdiocese of Constantinople Nikolaos Anastasiadis and close colleague of the Archon Protopsaltes of the Great Church of Christ Thrasiboulos Stanitsas, blessed be his memory.  Since 1991, the leader chorist is Mr. Dimosthenis Paikopoulos, formerly Archon Domestikos of the Great Church of Christ by Thrasivoulos Stanitsas.The Byzantine Choir of the Association consists of several experienced and other younger psaltes, which have performed all over Greece and twice over the last years in Cyprus.  The Association has published till nowadays a collection of 20 audio cassettes and 5 compact discs that are characterized by their dedication to the Byzantine Musical expression of Constantinopolitan origin, that is commonly accepted as the most genuine expression of our Religious Byzantine Music. 

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